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    Things to think of

    SCARTS Admin
    SCARTS Admin

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    Things to think of

    Post  Szymek66 on Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:26 am

    After 500 there was whole night to analyze what should be improved/changed. Here's my small thoughts:

    Firstly, I wanna notice I respect your work and not gonna blame you for current situation. SCARTS is amazing league with nice people directing. I'm sure you know there's a big
    problem with SCARTS now - start of this season clearly showed all weaknesses. Without any quick decision pack will be smaller and smaller. Even experienced drivers can finally lose their patient (as Lanz).

    Maybe I'm not best person for advising anything (guys who racing in F1SL
    know what I'm talking about Wink) but this topic should be a place to make a discussion between
    drivers like me and admins about what must be improved.

    Here's the list of most important things to change:
    1) Stop delaying races. Waiting more than one hour for the start isn't good. People see that and will give up easily, because it's more waiting than driving.
    I know it is mostly fault of drivers who are late. But the solution is really obvious here - follow the schedule. We can wait 5-10 minutes but not more than 1 hour. If you can't be on time for race and you didn't ask admins to postpone the race few days before the race, you can't require waiting for you.
    I know, it can be harsh for some guys who aren't able to be on time due to various circumstances. But, hey, Internet is nearly everywhere nowadays, it isn't that hard to inform anybody about absence. If you can't do that, don't expect anybody will wait for you - simple.

    2) Update the site
    Season started but some informations still missing. For example, where is schedule for RS and FTC, where's clear info about days of races? There's no discussion on the forum only some Skype/MSN conversations about it. Imagine what newbie thinks when he wants to start racing in SCARTS but can't find most important info on the forum.
    I know, everybody has private life and can be very busy but there are 4 (correct me if I'm wrong) admins and I'm sure it's not that hard to divide some work between them.

    3) Rules
    Thing which makes SCARTS different. Unfortunately, specific rules make newbies confused. I remember my debut last year - understanding rules took me few races.
    The rules ought to be clear and as easy as possible to understand. As Burnout said during offseason, making video/screenshots with most common situations in the race will be better than plain text (which isn't updated since 2 years).
    If you decide to make SS, I can help you. Just let me know then

    I'm not gonna write here much about interpretation of rules - it's always controversial and makes sb "unhappy". It isn't that bad now but I eel you should sometimes be less tolerant and don't be afraid of penalise people after the race if needed.

    Okey, so for this moment it's all. Sorry for any grammar mistakes but hope text is clear enough even with them.
    SCARTS League Director
    SCARTS League Director

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    Re: Things to think of

    Post  Burnout on Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:48 pm

    Well thought up Szymek. I agree with all points made on here.

    First, I want to apologize for wasting all of your time on Wednesday night. That was foolish and a sign of weak SCARTS management. I vow, this crap is NOT happening anymore. We HAVE to nip this attendance fiasco in the bud, here and now. Starting with Auto Club Speedway on Wednesday, no more mister nice Burnout.

    We are sticking verbatim to the schedule which will be written in the entry list for Auto Club, then added to the mainpage.

    From this point on, the entry list will take even more importance. We will only wait up to 15 minutes for any driver that takes initiative to sign the entry list. Players that fail to sign their entries into the races will NOT be waited on. If a driver knows he'll be late, he MUST have files prepared and ready to go prior to the scheduled racetime, no downloads will be waited on. Please notate why you may show late if you know ahead of time, but keep in mind, the cap is 15 minutes - if you can't be here by then, don't sign the list. Again, we are only capping this at FIFTEEN minutes. No later, we aren't waiting over an hour anymore.

    I think short term, we will see an attendance drop-off until players realize that we mean business. I think longterm, we can bring in more players showing a more stable race management. That is what should happen.

    Please feel free to suggest any other changes you'd like to see, I'll be happy to work with you on honoring those suggestions. I remain committed to seeing SCARTS' success. I love this series - I hate to see people upset. Please provide feedback!


    Shyguy, the RS and FTC schedule needs to be posted no later than Monday night. Get it done. If you can't, give it to me or Sam to complete. Thanks.

    "And, the season begins." - Mike Joy

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