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    My Apologies

    SCARTS League Director
    SCARTS League Director

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    My Apologies

    Post  Burnout on Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:27 pm

    Michigan was a stark wake up call for why I'm not fit to admin and race at the same time.

    I'll admit, I place my ENTIRE focus on my racing and I'm not very good at catching issues. I tend to go by alot of 'word of mouth' without knowing the full facts. Truth is, I SUCK at administrating while racing.

    Before you bash me for banning Popowitch, I must say this......I didn't want to do it and I'm going to make up for the fact.

    Popowitch's final position is MY finishing position. I did this once for Fastman in the past and even though I banned this, I'm doing it again. Consider it banning myself for my sucky administrating.

    I 100% trust everyone in SCARTS and I hate to play sides. That's why I didn't ban anyone until I did. All I heard was complaints about Trent and Popo (I know both were acting up). I just didn't want to see the field dwindle so many players even if they were stinking up the show.

    I'm sorry for all of this...I just need to give Popo my spot, I'm deeply sorry.
    SCARTS Moderator
    SCARTS Moderator

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    Re: My Apologies

    Post  CHarter on Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:27 am

    Part of me thinks that Reirom should be kicked from the final order...he trashed the end of the race.. His two bogus yels at the end cost me a possible win..and a most likely top 3...his actions did just as much damage as the trent /popo events... and not to be cruel, they BOTH should have been parked for those actions..each one could have easily dropped it but didnt. I know Popo just races hard, but he does egg it on when he pisses people off, which he did yesterday by not dropping the issues with Trent.. I think your actions were fair burnout, but i do think Reirom should be placed last on lead lap due to abusing the yel rule and not pitting...and for jumping restarts all day

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    Re: My Apologies

    Post  Lanz#46 on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:35 pm

    im very glad to hear that Burnout! i had a lot of thinking time today during work and for me it was clear, if nothing is going to change i will skip this cup! and im sure popo would have done the same! i know he drives most of the time to hard, but i know also that you can drive as hard as he does against him and he will say nothing! also im not defending him, he just drives like most of the guys joining this cup! why you want to let newbies play a FTC race? we have rising star for that, its just not good for the racing! also the thing with Reirom, why even talk about it, its clear that he doesnt learn it! hes out in every cup existing for good reason! dont feel bad if you have to kick some ---, just do it! quality is more then quantity! after all this ---- you should known me, im no cheater, i just want to make the racing better! but nobody listen to those things i say! yeah im no admin but who the hell cares! watch my race and you will see how i have to drive to be at least a bit competitiv! i dont want to drive unfair, but ill have to! and im saying it clearly , i put Trent in the wall because he cheated on me, again! i dont fell good doing this but you guys push me in this direction! i dont know if you guys even want that im playing but if thats the case then you should start changing things now! and im talking about yesterdays race! it has nothing to do that i ended up 2nd but you should take his victory away! what a joke that he wins driving like this! and he did way more then just the total cheat!(he crashed in front of pit entry in the wall, i overtook him, then he called yel, i saw that he entered in pits to get everthing filled up, then he came to the backstrech where he even wanted positions back!) worst thing ever seen on SCARTS and it should not be rewarded with a victory!

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    Re: My Apologies

    Post  simmser696 on Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:05 pm

    I agree with Charter and think that REIROM should be banned from SCARTS after being terrible all race and not be included on the race standings e.g put to last. He doesn't know how to race properly which explains why he is banned in F1 and is hated by many in the Turbosliders community, he called two late race cautions for his own 1 car crash when we know the rule is Caution flag comes out only for multi car wrecks. Also if new drivers turn up on Raceday I'm sorry to say this but we have to turn them away and tell them to instead race in Rising Star after all that is what that series is designed for, new drivers, even if Burnout or another admin tells them the rules it's better to tell them to not race and get in the way and point them in the direction of racing in the Rising star series.

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    Re: My Apologies

    Post  delux69 on Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:18 pm

    I agree that you should let only experianced player Race on Full throttle like it was originally planed. Sure the fields will be smaler, but at least it should be high-quality race.
    It used to be fun raceing on sunday nights and a good way to relax, (at least for me) but now with all the arguing and rough raceing I just get pissed off. Lately I enjoy the testing of the track much more than the race itself, just because people are haveing fun there and that is what I think SCARTS should be about!!!

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    Re: My Apologies

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